Application – The Jan Wallander prize

Handelsbanken and the Royal College of Music in Stockholm (KMH), welcomes applications for the Jan Wallander Prize!

Musicians express themselves through their instruments. First class instruments mean that musicians can hone their expressive skills – the instrument responds sensitively to the finest impulses and, with the beauty of its tone, contributes to the richness of expression.

The very finest instruments are exclusive works of handicraft art, while the same time being exquisite working items – and there are only a limited number of them. Therefore, the likelihood of a young, very talented music student being able to play one of the very finest instruments is tiny.

For this reason, Handelsbanken has founded a prize in co-operation with the Royal College of Music in Stockholm – the Jan Wallander Prize. The prize winner is chosen by an international jury and will have the loan of an exceedingly high-class instrument.

Owing to the current spread of the covid-19 virus, it was not possible to hold the planned award ceremony for the 2020 winner of the Jan Wallander Prize, Fred Lindberg. The award ceremony will instead take place in 2021, with the date being announced in due course.

No Prize will be awarded for 2021. Applicants will be invited to submit applications for the 2022 Jan Wallander Prize in autumn 2021.

Read more about the instrument for 2022, a violin from ca 1800:
Handelsbanken classic instruments

If you have any questions, please contact: Per Sjöberg, 08-16 19 60,