Ilias Livieratos – winner 2022

Ilias Livieratos – winner 2022

Ilias Livieratos, born in 1991, is originally from Greece. He earned his bachelor’s degree in violin from the Hochschule für Musik und Theater in Munich, where he studied with the violinist and conductor Christoph Poppen. He is also an alumnus of the Mozarteum Salzburg. In 2021 he came to Stockholm and the Royal College of Music to study the master’s program in Classical Music for the renowned violist Ellen Nisbeth.

Ilias is the principal violist at the viola of the Athens State Orchestra, Athens’ oldest orchestra, and has served as both a violist and a violinist at the Greek National Opera. He has also worked in Camerata-Armonia Atenea and Augsburg Philharmonics.

Earlier this year he was invited by the internationally acclaimed violinist Leonidas Kavakos to a charity concert for the reconstruction of the maternity clinic in Mariupol, Ukraine.

Prize citation

The violist ILIAS LIVIERATOS possesses a warm and rich sound. He displays a multifaceted playing that is deeply personal and always interesting.. He is a wonderful instrumentalist and a worthy recipient of this year´s Wallander Prize.

Ilias Livieratos – vinnare 2022
Violin från ca 1800- inköpsår 2012

This year’s prize is Viola from around 1800 by Giuseppe, Antonio and Giovanni Gagliano in Naples. It is from about 1800, as indicated by the associated label.