Josef Karnebäck – winner 2015

Josef Karnebäck – winner 2015

Josef Karnebäck was born in 1987 on the island of Gotland, and when he was eight years old he started playing the cello. When he was 14, a love for the double-bass and the electric bass guitar took over, and at the age of eighteen he was admitted to the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. He graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree from the Malmö Academy of Music (Lund University), and has now returned to Stockholm, where he is studying the Royal College of Music’s Master’s Programme in Jazz.

A broad range of genres and musical variation have always been the hallmark of Josef’s musicianship. He has constantly moved between different types of ensemble, such as jazz and folk groups, big bands, symphony orchestras, pop groups and brass bands. He has played in operas and musicals, in concert halls and on intimate club stages.

He has worked with Andreas Pettersson, Bengan Jansson, Ulf Johansson Werre, Claes Janson, Visby Big Band, Sweet Jazz Trio, Sylvia Vrethammar, Håkan Rydin, Gunnel Mauritzson, Ida Karlsson, Tomas Boström, Anna Jalkéus, children’s programme presenter Morgan ”Mojje” Johansson, the Gotlandsmusiken Brass Orchestra, the Malmö Academy Orchestra and the Royal College of Music Symphony Orchestra.

He has studied under Martin Sjöstedt, Hans Andersson, Michael Carlsson, Jonas Reingold, Robert Sundin, Nils Ossman and Jan Adefelt.

Josef’s home base is in Stockholm, and on Gotland, where he plays regularly. He also plays widely all over Sweden, and has made appearances in Germany, Brazil, Lithuania and Cuba.

In the first half of 2015, in addition to completing his Master’s Degree from the Royal College of Music, Josef will release his debut album as a soloist with his own group, entitled “Momentum.” His music is episodic and sonorous, challenging the instrument’s traditional place in an ensemble. This modern, composed, acoustic jazz mixes bold rhythmic elements with a care for melody and tone.

Prize citation

The 2015 prizewinner has many facets and colours to his playing, a wonderful tone, brilliant technique and an irresistible swing. Our prizewinner’s personality reflects a unique artistry, where his strong individual voice and his will to communicate with his fellow musicians and his audience burn with a bright flame.

Josef Karnebäck - vinnare 2015
Kontrabas från ca 1830 - inköpsår 2015

The 2015 prize is double bass made in England in around 1830.

  • Two-piece back plate in fine flamed maple. Ribs and scroll in the same material.
  • Two-piece top plate in medium- to broad-grained spruce. Yellow-orange varnish on a golden background.