Sofia Hansen – winner 2012

Sofia Hansen – winner 2012

Sofia Hansen (former Lundström) born 1986 is a gifted, skilful viola player who is on the threshold of a promising and musical future.

She is coming to the end of her studies, the diploma course at Edsberg Manor (Stockholm Royal College of Music), where her principal tutor is Professor Malin Broman.

She has also completed Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees – both at Edsberg Manor – under Professors Lars Anders Tomter and Torleif Thedeén. Throughout her period of study, Sofia has also studied chamber music with Professor Mats Zetterqvist.

The constant presence of chamber music at the academy triggered Sofia’s interest in this art form, which led to her actively searching for and playing this type of music outside the academy. Sofia has played chamber music concerts with most of Sweden’s leading classical musicians. Among other things, she is a member of the award-winning string quartet Sätterströmska Sällskapet, which in the autumn of 2012 held its debut concert at the Stockholm Concert Hall (Grünewald Auditorium), after winning the Royal Swedish Academy of Music’s major ensemble scholarship in 2010.

For the past two years, Sofia has also been a member of Sweden’s Young Chamber Music Soloists – a platform from which Sweden’s leading young musicians can give concerts, with the ambition of testing out, regenerating and rejuvenating the Swedish classical music scene.

In November 2088, Sofia performed as a soloist with the Athens Symphony Orchestra KOA, after having won its audition corresponding to Sweden’s “Young Soloists.” In the summer of 2012, she also performed at chamber music festivals in Greece, including with the leader of the Royal Danish Orchestra, Lars Bjørnkjaer, and the leaders of the orchestra of the Greek National Opera, Yannos Margaziotis and Angela Giannaki.

Sofia also won the Swedish Royal Court Orchestra’s audition for a temporary position; she was then able to work at the Opera in 2009-2010, which she did in parallel with her studies. In addition, Sofia has played with the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra and NorrlandsOperan, which invited her to return as section leader in February and March 2012.

Musicians from whom Sofia has received guidance in master classes include Thomas Riebl, Kim Kashkashian and Lawrence Power. For a number of years Sofia benefited from the Welin Fund, whereby she was able to borrow an instrument made by Peter Westerlund. At present she plays a viola made in Lübeck in 1998.

Prize citation

A young musician with a sound, convincing feeling for rhythm, tone and phrasing. Her well-developed technique means that her playing is relaxed and natural, making the most of the special nature of the viola. She interprets the repertoire with elegance, coupled with a warm, engaging, personal approach.

Sofia Hansen - vinnare 2012
Violin från ca 1800- inköpsår 2012

This year’s instrument is a viola, a fine old instrument made by Giuseppe, Antonio and Giovanni Gagliano in Naples. It is from circa 1800, as stated on the accompanying label.