Tomas Lundström – winner 2013

Tomas Lundström – winner 2013

Tomas Lundström (born 1988) started playing the cello when he was four years old. At the moment he is studying for his soloist diploma under Professor Torleif Thedéen at Edsbergs Musikinstitut in Stockholm.

Tomas has already gained his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, under Professor Ola Karlsson.

When he was six, Tomas won Swedish TV3’s talent contest Juniorchansen, which led to him representing Sweden in the international competition Bravo Bravissimo in Cremona, Italy. In January 1998, he moved to Moscow on a Vladimir Spivakov Foundation scholarship, and studied under Professors Natalja Schahovskaja and Alexey Seleznev. After this, Tomas’s studies continued under Mats Rondin in Stockholm. In 2007, Tomas won the Swedish Federation of Young Musicians’ competition for soloists, and also achieved first place in the chamber music category with the string quartet in which he was then playing.

In June 2011, he took part in the 21st Century Art competition in Mänttä-Vilppula, Finland. Here, too, he won two first prizes, in the solo and chamber music categories. Tomas is active as a chamber musician, and as a soloist he has performed with, for instance, Uppsala Chamber Soloists and the Gävle Symphony Orchestra. Interestingly, Tomas happens to be the brother of the 2012 winner of the Jan Wallander Prize, Sofia Hansén.

Prize citation

A young cellist with great maturity and excellence in all his artistry. With imaginative musicianship and impressive technical skills, our award-winner brings out all the inherent qualities of the music. His beautiful tone and confident intonation contribute to a strong, convincing musical expression.

Tomas Lundström - vinnare 2013
Cello från slutet av 1700- inköpsår 2013

This year’s instrument is a violoncello, a fine old Italian instrument, the work of Gennaro Gagliano of Naples, whose original label it bears dated 1741.